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Alex Marshall


Updates, fixes and improvements I've made to this website.

Framer doesn't separate publishing a CMS item from publishing actual changes to the website, which means each time I publish a blog post, I'll likely be publishing some odd updates along with it. I'm not going to write a changelog update every time I publish, so these posts will more likely be roundups of features released over a period of time



CMS updates

  • Added a CMS collection for 'Coffee' to log the coffees I’m drinking

  • Added tasting notes and origin to the 'Currently drinking' card on the homepage

  • Updated my 'Now' collections so they’re more like 'What I’ve done recently' rather than 'What I’m doing right now'. Makes them easier for me to manage

  • Added a media library to show what I’ve read, watched and played recently

  • Simplified the UI for Resources CMS collection and improved filtering

  • Added 'Lego' into my Collections (will update with all my sets soon)

  • Added social links to sidenav

  • Fixed some issues with Changelog



More post-launch fixes and tweaks

  • Filtered out changelog posts from the blog

  • Fixed sidenav buttons displaying incorrectly in the collapsed mobile header

  • Fixed incorrect text on Uses

  • Fixed layout of What I’m and Recently Posted on homepage on mobile and tablets

  • Fixed Blog not displaying correctly on mobile

  • Fixed incorrect text colours in dark mode (I got a bit hasty deleting old styles…)

  • Fixed About page not displaying correctly on tablet or mobile

  • Fixed filter buttons hover state in dark mode

  • Fixed filter buttons not wrapping on tablet and mobile

  • Renamed 'My stuff' to 'Collections'



Various, frantic fixes post-launch

  • Updated recently posted on homepage to filter out changelog updates

  • Fixed layout issues

  • Fixed 'More like this' at the bottom of blog pages not recommending the correct categories

  • Fixed position of dashed line on changelog

  • Fixed sidenav buttons not indicating current page

  • Fixed styling of disabled sidenav buttons



Launching version 3.0!

  • Added a sidebar nav to replace the header nav

  • Added 'What I'm' and 'Recently posted' to homepage

  • Added 'Uses' to show my app defaults

  • Updated 'My stuff' with a new nesting structure (nested pages to come soon)

  • Added this Changelog (meta right!)

  • Added 'Resources' to share links to handy design resources

  • Simplified typography across the whole website

  • Simplified colour palette

  • Added new CMS collections

  • Removed over-complicated animations

  • Fixed a variety of tablet and mobile layout issues

  • Lots of general improvements and fixes



Launching version 2.0 of this website!

  • Introduced a completely new colour palette

  • Removed individual colour themes from top level pages and introduced consistent body colours

  • Updated website structure to remove so many nested pages

  • Introduced new Vault Alarm font and updated existing typography system for better consistency

  • Simplified the blog CMS; removed thumbnails and header images from blog posts



Added 'Now' and 'About' pages, new footer

  • Added a 'Now' page to show what I've been watching, reading, playing and listening to

  • Added /coffee and /gym under the About page to show my current coffee setup and workout split

  • Set up body background colour across all pages to utilise Safari's 'Show colour in tab bar' feature

  • Added a new footer to the bottom of all pages



Updated blog, new header, new labels & colours

  • Introduced a new header navigation across all pages

  • Added blog CMS

  • Added category labels to blog posts with new colour palette



New website launch

  • Switched from Webflow to Framer

  • Decluttered UI